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My name is Alexina and I’m 24 years old. I graduated from Surface Design at Yrgo in Gothenburg in June 2023. 

I moved to Gothenburg when I was 16 years old, to attend a high school with a focus on horses and riding.  During the third year of high school, I received a scholarship from Erasmus+ to do my internship abroad, which I chose to do in a competition stable in the Netherlands.

After high school, I worked mostly in customer service. It was during that period I found this education, and I could'nt be more happy that I chose to go here!

What I like about surface design is that I get to use my creative side and my attention to details. I also like to learn new things and develop within what I'm interested in.

I did both of my internships at Polestar, trying both concept and late phase modeling, interior and exterior. This made me develop alot in both Alias an Blender. During the internship I got a mix of exercises and real projects to work in.  


I started my internship, LIA 1 at Polestar in the middle of November. I am also doing my second internship, LIA 2 with Polestar. In the first internship period, we have mostly focused on working in Alias and a little bit in blender. In  LIA 2 I have worked more in Blender, but also continuing to work in Alias. Both in real projects and exercises. 

About me

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